Enjoy Italy, have a coffee.

In a tiny bar in the small town of Lerici,
together with the local roasting master
we have created a unique coffee, that smells and tastes like Italy.

Discover our types of coffee

Coffee is good in every way.
Take a look at our beans, ground and capsules, and choose the one that you like the most.

Dear Lerici

A letter to our home town:
Dear Lerici, you have taken care of us for all this time, since the first owner opened his coffee shop back in the fifties. The beautiful setting of the square has become our home and the people of Lerici have become our Family.
The beauty of your landscape and the breeze of the sea have made a unique impact on the taste of our coffee, and thanks to this, now it tastes just like you.

Shop our coffee

Take a look at our shop and find the best product for your daily routine, get the beans or the ground coffee and if you are a Nespresso fan, make it taste even better with our capsules.

Our incredible History

When two great stories meet,
it’s meant to be.
Find our steps through the years and discover how we became what we are today.

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