Our History

In a tiny bar in the small town of Lerici,
together with the local roasting master
we created a unique coffee, that smells and tastes like Italy.

The Beginning

It all begins with a haberdashery, property of Miss Argia, in the 1940s. She started the first business in Piazza Garibaldi 14.
But it’s in 1950s that the story becomes interesting, the Silvas family took over the haberdashery and opened a local bar, named “MOKA”. 

They became part of the daily life of Lerici thanks to their culture of coffee, they were selling great espresso at the bar and great ground coffee to take home. Year after year, for 30 years they kept passing the business to the family members.

In the 1980s the Sarpis family took over the bar, and thanks to popularity of the Moka coffee, they decided to change the name into “Casa del Caffé” the house of coffee.

They kept the coffee business passing to the family members until 2020 when the Sarpis decided to end the business, the Agnellini family, in the middle of the pandemic, decided to invest in the bar that unfortunately was at the end of its life. 

The Agnellinis wanted to make sure that a business of such a long standing wouldn’t disappear and they restored the original name “Moka” with a new modern style, honoring the local history and the artists of the area that made that bar so special.

It’s the beginning of a new era.

In 2022 a blended specialty coffee named “Unica”, and dedicated to the town of Lerici, came to life.

The Roaster

With more than 100 years of history Crastan Caffè has become part of the daily life of the people of The Gulf of La Spezia, serving them coffee since the end of ‘800 in a tiny drugstore in La Spezia.
In the 1930s Crastan Caffè become a specialist in roasting coffee, and made his “Bar Crastan” a mainstay coffee culture all around the Gulf. 
In WWII the bar was destroyed by a bomb, and from there the company started a new chapter, becoming a huge roasting house of the province of La Spezia, serving the best coffee to most of the bars in the area. 
In 1981 the Costa family took over the company and it became the modern roasting house that it is right now, and with an area of 12.0000mq the company can roast 1 ton of coffee every hour.

And thanks to their unique machine dedicated to specialty coffee, they can provide us with the best blended specialty coffee in the area.


In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, the Agnellini family decided to take over the bar “Antica Casa del Caffè” to bring the old charm of that place back to life, and restore the old historic name “Moka” which was never forgotten by the people of Lerici.

Moka now has a new vision, a new modern version of the “old“ bar, a sustainable belief and a special care of the history of the Bar that has so much to tell. 

It has been renovated in a marine style to remember the old sailors, who were the first customer of the old Moka.

Moka is collaborating with local companies for its supplies to make a strong connection to the town and the Gulf of La Spezia.

At “Moka Coffee and Drinks” you can find quality local products, from the beverages like wine and spirits to the food, pesto, focaccia etc… and even gluten free products which are all supplied locally.

Also Moka’s chairs are local and match with the marine style, they’re made in inox steel with recycled sails. 

If you look closely you’ll find arts from local artists, on the coffee cups on the table and in the inside. Art and history are all over the place.

The coffee culture

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