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“Unica” is a special blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans. We have chosen to blend coffee beans that have achieved very high-quality scores, and roasted them in small batches with extreme care. A world tour of flavours, aromas, nature and people with Bourbon from Brazil, Tarrazù from Costa Rica, Serrano from Cuba, Mandheling from Sumatra and finally Kirinyaga from Kenya. The beans are individually roasted and then blended to obtain a sweet, fruity coffee with a great balance of aroma, body and acidity, that will bring you straight to Italy.

Relax, have a coffee that tastes like Italy.


Choosing the perfect beans hasn’t been easy, we started from a solid base of blended coffee, the one that we served for more than 40 years at the table of our coffee shop in Piazza Garibaldi, in the town of Lerici.
But… we wanted to create something unique and truly related to us.

The starting point is our Classic coffee.

The final result is a 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee

Made from beans, that not only taste good but they are also good for the people that stand behind every bean as we know their provenance, and exactly where they come from.

Ground Coffee

Italy and its coffee are famous all over the world and so is the Moka. As our name comes from this traditional Italian coffee maker, we wanted to make ground coffee for Moka. 

You will discover a new type of flavuor and experience the true taste of Italian Moka. 


A new way of drinking coffee. 

As we believe in sustainability and a green way of living, we approach the coffee capsules market with the intention to not damage the environment and at the same time maintain the best flavours of the coffee. These choices may affect the final price of the products but also affect our way of living, the health of our planet, making it better for everyone. 

Our compostable capsules can be thrown directly in the organic waste.

Discover our blended speciality coffee

Ground our beans and make the perfect coffee for you.
Made for our Specialty fans.

Be a truly Italian and make yourself a Moka.
Made for our Moka fans.

Finally a great coffee that doesn’t pollutes the environment.
Made for our Nespresso fans.

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